CMU Officers were tasked with integrating the Youth in Policing Initiative students into the Unit.  As such, they were involved in field trips with the YIPI program to CFB Trenton, the local Coast Guard station and with the OPP Marine Unit.  The YIPIs and PC Francella also attended in Kingston to share our Safety Village with the Kingston Police Service.

Youth in Policing

CMU Officers introduced the students to duties at Legion Village and Palisade Gardens.  They assisted with the set up at the “Cobourg Business Achievement Awards” event, acted as ushers at the “Cobourg Civic Awards” held at Victoria Hall and assisted with Cornerstone’s “Mother’s Day Brunch”. 

The students are able to serve customers at the front counter of the Police Station, enhancing their community interactions.


Youth in Policing Group

The YIPI students expanded their community interactions in October participating with “safety lanes” on William St. and Division St.  Here they passed out national statistic handouts related to distracted driving.  A video was created and is posted to our Cobourg Police facebook account.

As well, the YIPI students took part in the Downtown Halloween event. They assisted CMU Officers in preparing a Halloween display, handing out treats while dressed in costumes. A video was created and is also posted to our Cobourg Police facebook account.

In November, 2015 the students further represented the Cobourg Police by marching in the Christmas Parade and taking in food donations at the Christmas Magic event.

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