R.I.D.E. Reduce Impaired Drivers Everywhere

R.I.D.E. Program set up in Town


(Reduce Impaired Drivers Everywhere)

The R.I.D.E. program is an important part of reducing offences involving drinking and driving.  To achieve this goal, officers set up checkpoints and stop vehicles to determine whether drivers may be impaired or operating their motor vehicles after consuming more than the legal limit of alcohol.

In the event officers detect the odour of alcohol or suspect the driver has alcohol in their body, a demand is read to the driver to supply samples of their breath to determine alcohol concentration in their body.

Drivers that have a Blood Alcohol greater than 50mgs of alcohol in 100ml of blood are issued 3 days suspensions and longer if not their first offence.  If readings are greater than 80mgs of alcohol in 100ml of blood, the drivers are arrested and brought to the station for further testing and charges if warranted.

The R.I.D.E program has proven very successful at deterring and apprehending impaired drivers as well as continuing to provide public awareness surrounding the issues of driving after consuming alcohol.

The R.I.D.E program operates from grant money provided by the provincial government as well as on-duty personnel during their regular scheduled shifts.

The majority of R.I.D.E programs are set to specific times of the year that are dictated by many factors including but not limited to long weekends, major sporting events and especially the winter holiday season.

The 2015 R.I.D.E. programs conducted by the Cobourg Police Service resulted in approximately 1500 cars being stopped over 8 separate R.I.D.E programs.  As a result of these programs, Cobourg Police issued two 3 day suspensions, a number of charges under the Highway Traffic Act and numerous cautions for minor Highway Traffic Act offences.  It appears that residents are taking the matter of drinking and driving to heart and choosing alternative modes of transportation to get home after consuming alcohol.

The residents of Cobourg are always grateful when they encounter such R.I.D.E programs. Many are sure to thank the R.I.D.E. officers and even offer to deliver coffee to the R.I.D.E location.

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