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Weekly Report

From the 10th of September 2018 thought the 16th of September 2018. The Cobourg Police responded to 229 occurrences including: 8 911 calls, 7 Alarm calls, 5 Assault calls, 4 Break and Enters, 23 Community Service calls, 3 Dangerous condition calls, 5 Disturb the Peace calls, 3 Domestic dispute calls, 3 Drug Offences, 4 Fraud Calls, 3 Harassment calls, 4 Impaired calls, 2 Mental Health calls, 3 Mischief calls, 3 Missing Person calls, 11 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 10 Noise complaints, 17 Police Assistance calls, 14 Property Checks, 3 Sexual Assault calls, 2 Shoplifts, 9 Suspicious person calls, 9 Theft calls, 2 Threat calls, 7 Traffic Complaints, 6 Unwanted person calls.  Here are some examples of calls for service for the week.

September 10

Mental Health Act – Police responded to Division Street in regards to a female running in and out of traffic.  Cobourg Police apprehended the female under the Mental Health Act and had her assessed by a Doctor at the Northumberland Hills Hospital

Theft – Police attended a local business in regards to aluminum rims being stolen sometime over the night.  During the investigation Police located the aluminum rims and had them returned back to the local business

September 11

Motor vehicle collision – Police responded to 2 vehicle collision on Elgin Street.  No injuries were reported to Police.  The driver at fault was charged under the Highway Traffic Act.

Drug Offence – Police received information from a child that his step-father was possibly on drugs while driving him around.  Subsequent to the investigation Highland Shores Children’s AID was contacted by Police to continue the investigation.

September 12

Business Break and Enter – Police were called to a local business in regards to a break and enter that occurred during the night.  The complainant advised that this was the third time this week the business was broken into.  Investigation is still ongoing.

Sexual Assault – Police received information of a historic sexual assault involving a child.  Police are continuing the investigation with the Highland Shores Children’s AID.

September 13

Domestic Dispute – Police responded to a domestic in progress to a local residence.  Police received information from the parties involved that they were only in a verbal dispute over a phone.  Police provided assistance in resolving the issue.

Shoplift – Police attended a local business in regards to a shoplifting in progress.  Investigation revealed that the business only wished the suspect to be trespassed.  The suspect was issued a Provincial Offence Notice for Engage in Prohibited Activity under the Trespass to Property Act.  

September 14

Break and Enter – Police received a complaint of a residential break and enter in a local residence.  Unknown suspect(s) gained entry to a garage and a vehicle sometime overnight.   The suspect(s) stole the insurance card for the vehicle.  No other damage was reported

Break and Enter – Police attended a local residence in regards to Break and Enter that occurred while the homeowner was sleeping in the residence.  The suspect gained entry to the residence through a window during the night and stole twenty dollars in cash.

September 15

Noise Complaint – Police attended a local establishment in regards to a complaint that a band is playing to loud.  Police advised staff of the complaint.  Staff had the music turned down.

Unwanted Person – Police responded to a local store in regards to an unwanted person.  Before Police arrived the unwanted person left the scene.  Advice given to staff in regards to unwanted persons.

September 16

Family Dispute - Police attended a local residence in regards to a mother and daughter argument.  During the investigation the daughter advised she would like to attend Northumberland Hills Hospital for assistance.  Police provided a ride and assistance to the daughter.

Noise complaint – Police responded to a local residence in regards to ongoing noise complaints.  Upon Police arrival there was no noise.