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Weekly Report

From the 20th of August 2018 through the 26th of August 2018, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 244 occurrences including: 6 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 7 Alarm calls, 11 Theft/Shoplifting calls, 15 Suspicious Persons/Vehicles calls, 5 Domestic/Family Disputes, 5 Mischief calls, 7 Assault calls, and 3 Neighbor Disputes. Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

20th August:

  • Police attended the Northumberland Hills Hospital Mental Health Centre upon report of mischief to key FOB swipe pad. After reviewing surveillance video police were able to identify and arrest a suspect in the matter.The male was held for bail on this and other outstanding Criminal charges.

  • Police recovered an IPAD which had been reported lost in 2015 in Thunder Bay Ontario. Police were able to locate the owner in British Columbia and facilitate the items safe return.

    21st August:

  • Police were called to The Beer store upon report of a male being refused service as he was intoxicated. The male had called the store stating he was planning to re-attend. Police were not able to locate the male nor did he re-attend.

  • Police were called by a concerned motorist who stated they were following a suspected impaired driver. Police attended and spoke with the driver who exhibited no signs of impairment.

22nd August:

  • Police attended the area of Victoria Hall upon report of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was located with the assistance of Cobourg bylaw. It was determined the complainant was confused about where she had parked her vehicle.

  • Police attended the Cobourg Community Center upon report of a number of youths stealing chairs. Upon arrival it was determined the youths had only moved the chairs a few feet . Not determined to be a theft.

23rd August 2018:

  • Police responded to aKing Street East Business in regards to a B&E.  The rear door glass was smashed and 3 boxes of shoes and $80 dollars from the cash registered were stolen sometime overnight. No suspects identified at this time, investigation continuing.

  • Police responded to the area of Pizza Hut in regards to an elderly male who wondered off in the parking lot.  Police located the male a couple minutes later. The male was reunited with the complainant and was in good health.

    24th August:

  • Police responded to the area of James Tracey Park at the intersection of Spencer St E and Walton Street for a report of a possible domestic. A male and female were observed yelling back and forth at one another, however nothing physical was observed by the complainant. Police located a male and female, who were spoken to separately. Both advised they had become engaged in a verbal argument over the male’s lack of sleep the night before. No criminal allegations were made.

  • An employee at a west end towing company reported male going through cars in their parking lot and that the male had fled on a red and white scooter after being confronted. Nothing was believed to have been taken. Male described only as having blue jeans, jean jacket and was last seen heading towards Staples. Area was searched extensively but police were unable to locate the male.

25th August:

  • Police received a report of a male wandering/staggering into traffic in the area of the Cobourg Library.  Police located a male lying on the boulevard outside of 323 King Street West.  The male was incoherent and was transported to NHH via ambulance for precautionary reasons.

  • Police attended the area of D’Arcy and Elgin St. after being called to an ongoing neighbor dispute. Issue on today’s date were between neighbor’s property line in dispute.  Advice given to both neighbors regarding property line and obtaining a civil resolution.

26th August:

  • Police received areport of a dog left in vehicle across from bus shelter/rink. The dog was located in a U-Haul truck, windows partially down in cab of truck. Police were unable to locate the owner.  Police were able to unlock door and access the dog. The dog did not appear in distress at this time, however, weather was hot and humid and unknown how long dog in vehicle or when owner would return.  The dog was taken to the station and a business card was left for the owner to contact police.  Shortly after arriving back at station with the dog, the owner arrived on scene and retrieved it

  • On Sunday, August 26th, 2018 at approximately 10:38 pm, Cobourg police responded to a call of two suspicious people portraying themselves as Cobourg Police officers at aKing St E address.  In speaking to the complainant, it was determined that two men, dressed as police officers had attempted to gain access to the residence by alleging they were responding to a call for service.  When the complainant requested the names of the alleged officers, the two men stated they had the wrong address and subsequently departed the area.  Police attended the residence and patrolled the surrounding areas extensively; however, were unable to locate the men.  The men were described as late 30’s to early 40’s.  The first male was approximately 6’1 – 6’4, White, with short brown hair, a clean shaven face and a muscular build.  The second male was also approximately 6’1 to 6’4, White, with short dirty blonde hair, a scruffy beard, and a smaller build than the other male. Anyone with information relating to this incident or other similar incidents is requested to contact the Cobourg Police Service.  Cobourg Police would like to remind the public that Cobourg Police Officers are required to present a badge and warrant card if requested.  If you are ever suspicious of a person presenting themselves as a police officer, you should call 911 immediately to confirm the identity of responding officers.