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Weekly Media Release

From the 4th of February 2019 - 10th of February 2019, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 175 incidents which included:

9 Theft calls, 12 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 11 Alarm calls, 5 Missing Person calls, 6 Family Disturbance calls, 2 Impaired Driver calls, 7 Suspicious Person calls, 5 Fraud calls, 3 Unwanted Person calls, 2 Suspicious Vehicle calls, 3 Assault calls, 2 Sudden Death calls, and 25 Police assistance/Information calls.

Here are some examples of calls for service for the week;

February 4th

  • Cobourg police were called for a family dispute that occurred in the West end of Cobourg. On arrival Police spoke with a male who advised that he did not want to go home and needed assistance to find a place to go for the evening. The male was advised to attend the Cobourg Police Service and did so, but then left shortly afterwards not wanting Police assistance.

    Police were called for a missing female considered high risk and had not been seen since the afternoon. The missing female was located a short time later and found to be in good health, no further Police action required.

February 5th

  • Police attended the Rent All centre, located on Elgin Street for a report of the business having caught fire. Upon arrival Police determined that it was a piece of equipment that was started cold and running rich fuel and it was not a fire but exhaust.

    Police attended a West end residence for a neighbor dispute. The complainant advised Police that his neighbor was telling the property management lies in order to have him removed from the residence. Police advised the complainant that the property management needed proof of something occurring in order to have him removed. The complainant did not wish Police to speak to his neighbor but wanted the call recorded for any future calls.

February 6th

  • A male attended a business in the West end and attempted to pay for a drill with what appeared to be counterfeit $100 bills. Store employees refused to accept the money and the male left the store without incident. Police attended the area and received pictures of the male who was suspected of the same thing in Belleville. Investigation is continuing. 

  • Police attended an address for a report of a storage locker being broken into and several items stolen. On arrival Police observed that the screws holding the lock and hasp had been removed and the storage locker entered. Police are in the process of retrieving video and canvassing local pawn shops for the stolen items.

February 7th

  • A male contacted the Cobourg Police to report a fraud that he was involved in through social media. The male advised that he had bought a satellite receiver off social media and went to hook it up only to find it was still under contract. Police contacted the seller who advised that she would return the male’s money the next day. No further Police action required.

  • Police dealt with three separate calls for the same two people who are allegedly harassing people over social media. The male and female party will tell people that they will re-home their animal and then post the animal for sale on social media. Police have no grounds for charges at this time as it is not illegal to get an animal for free and then sell it for profit and the male party was cautioned for harassment.

February 8th

  • Police received several phone calls from the same anonymous complainant advising that were underage drinking and drugs at a residence on Darcy Street. Police attended the residence several times and confirmed there was no underage drinking, the music was at an acceptable level and no signs of drugs were present. No further Police assistance required.

    Police attended an address on Sutherland for a report of two people attempting to gain access to a U-haul truck parked in the lot. On arrival Police spoke with two people that had just arrived and were moving into one of the units close by and were locking the truck up for the night. No further Police assistance.

February 9th

  • Police attended a restaurant located on Elgin Street for a report of an assault. On arrival Police determined that two patrons had assaulted the bartender and were both intoxicated. The bartender did not wish to pursue charges against the patrons and once outside the male patron became verbally abusive to Police and at one point lunged towards an officer. The male was subsequently arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and transported to the Cobourg Police Service and held until sober.

  • Police attended Chapel Street for a female that was hallucinating and becoming violent towards people. Police arrived and apprehended the female, transported her to the Northumberland Hills Hospital for evaluation and left in the care of hospital staff.

February 10th

  • Police attended a bar on the East end of Cobourg for a report of approximately 12 people involved in a fight. On arrival Police observed the area to be calm but information received from patrons was that a male driver had hit another vehicle on leaving the area. Police searched
  • the area and located the male driver a short time later and retrieved his particulars for a motor vehicle accident report. No assaults were reported to Police.

    The Northumberland OPP requested the assistance of the Cobourg Police in regards to a road rage incident that occurred on the Eastbound 401. The female complainant advised that she was getting off the 401 at Cobourg but OPP would not be in the area for some time. Police located and stopped the offending vehicle and stayed with the complainant until the OPP arrived and took over their investigation.