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Weekly Media Release

From the 24th of December to the 31st of December 2018, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 146 incidents which included:

1 Mischief call, 6 Theft calls, 7 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 11 Alarm calls, 6 Domestic Dispute calls, 2 Missing Person calls, 2 Family Disturbance calls, 7 Impaired Driver calls, 12 Suspicious Person calls, 2 Fraud calls, 2 Noise Complaint calls, 5 Unwanted Person calls, 2 Trespass to Property Act calls, 5 Suspicious Vehicle calls, 2 Assault call, 1 Sudden Death call, and 1 Neighborhood Dispute call.

Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

December 24th:

  • Trespass to Property Act-Police attended the rear of a local restaurant upon report of a male urinating in the rear parking lot .The male got into an argument with staff and left on foot Northbound. Police were unable to locate that male but did speak to another male who was with the accused and apparently suffers from amnesia as he couldn’t remember his friend’s name.

  • Court order- Police attended the front counter and spoke with a female in regards to a child custody dispute with her ex-husband. The complainant states that her ex-husband is supposed to exchange their son tomorrow but is unwilling to do so. Police spoke with the male and the exchange did occur as initially planned.

December 25th

  • Police Assist – Cobourg Police attended the 401 Cobourg exits at the request of OPP to be on the lookout for a stolen S.U.V. with armed suspects last seen in the Oshawa area. Cobourg Police were notified a short time later that we were no longer required.

  • Court Order- Police spoke with a female complainant in regards to custody of her son. The complainant advised that her son is at her ex-husbands residence and that ex-husband is not willing to bring him back until later than she wished .There were no safety concerns expressed and both parties were given family court advice.

December 26th

  • Cobourg Police Service received a report of a male who reportedly had walked into the  Hospital suffering from stab wounds.  The male was treated for his injuries and subsequently released. At this time the investigation remains ongoing.

  • Police received a report that a male had left a local bar after consuming numerous alcoholic beverages.  Employees were suspicious that the male was going to operate a vehicle.  The male’s vehicle was located unoccupied. The male was located on foot and was not going to drive.

December 27th

  • Unwanted Person – Officers were dispatched to a downtown address for an unwanted person.  The complainant advised police he let a female stay at his residence overnight but no longer wanted her at his place and she refused to leave. The female left upon request of police without incident.

  • Cobourg police attended the Courthouse and arrested Desiree IRWIN on an outstanding warrant for Fail to Comply with Probation. Irwin was held for a bail hearing later that day.

 December 28th

  • Fraud – The complainant telephoned Police to advise that a male was on Kijiji selling hockey tickets. The complainant paid the money and received no tickets. No number for the male’s telephone provided and complainant provided the Canadian anti-fraud number for further follow up.

    Person Wellbeing check- A local shelter called Police in regards to a client whom was overdue. The client was allowed to go out but did not return at the scheduled time. While police were looking for the client they contacted the shelter and did return without incident.

December 29th

  • Ambulance Assist-Police attended a local motel in response to a possible drug overdose. Upon arrival, Police administered Narcan and the male eventually regained consciousness. He was transported to NHH by EMS.

  • Theft – Police attended a local drug store upon report of a stolen debit card being used there. The complainant advises his debit and credit cards had been stolen out of his unlocked vehicle while parked in his driveway sometime during the previous night and had been used at a few locations including the drug store. Video to be obtained by police. Investigation is continuing

The Cobourg Police Service continues to remind the community that leaving valuables in an unlocked vehicle can contribute to many criminal events that can potentially impact you and other community members. 


December 30th

  • Family Dispute – Police were called to a local motel for a report of a family disturbance. On arrival Police spoke with two parents who advised that their son was intoxicated and they were afraid he was going to drive his vehicle. The male was spoken to at length and he advised Police that he had no intention of driving tonight and was sleeping upon the arrival of his parents. The parents were made aware of the outcome.

  • Cobourg Police responded to assist the Ontario Provincial Police in an effort to locate an elderly female who was missing from her residence in the middle of the night and was not dressed appropriately for the weather. The female was located a short time later in good condition.