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Weekly Media Release

From the 12th of November 2018 through the 18th of November 2018, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 183 occurrences including: 20 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 6 Alarm calls, 7 Theft/Shoplifting calls, 6 Suspicious Persons, 6 Domestic/Family Disputes, 7 Assault calls, and 21 Police Assistance/Information . Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

November 12th:

  • Domestic Dispute – Police attended an address on Division Street for a report of a male and female screaming at each other. On further investigation it was revealed that both parties were arguing loudly and no reports of assaults or threats were made to Police.


  • Motor Vehicle Collision – Police responded to the area of Frei Street Cobourg for a report of a motor vehicle collision. Upon arrival Police observed a three vehicle collision with minor injuries. After clearing the road for traffic, a 35 year old Cobourg woman was charged with careless driving.

    November 13th:

  • Break and Enter – Police responded to a business in the west end of Cobourg for a report of a break and enter sometime overnight. On arrival Police observed the front door glass smashed and after further investigation learned that a large sum of money was taken as well as the safe. The incident is still being investigated.

  • Police attended an address near the downtown core for a report of a domestic disturbance. On arrival Police spoke with a female and male and determined that the male was the primary aggressor and arrested for assault. Arrested was a 36 year old Cobourg man who was later released with a court date.

    November 14th:

  • A complainant attended the Cobourg Police Service to report an assault that had taken place earlier at his residence. The complainant advised that a relative of his and himself had become engaged in a heated argument and the relative chest bumped him several times to further instigate a fight between the two. The complainant advised that he wished no charges to be forthcoming for this relative and did not want him spoken to but only to have a report filed for future reference. No further Police assistance at this time.

    Police attended a business in the west end of the Town of Cobourg for a report of harassment. On arrival Police spoke to a female party who advised that her ex-spouse was at that address earlier and began yelling at her. It was later learned by Police that this was a child custody incident and the male party was frustrated over not being allowed to see his child for 11 months. No assaults or threats reported and both parties advised to seek legal help.

  • Police attended an east end Cobourg residence for a neighbor dispute and were informed by the complainant that his neighbor was allegedly phoning by-law and the Town of Cobourg on him for no reason. Advice was given.

November 15th:

  • A complainant contacted Police to advise that he received a text from a male stating the mother of his child was high on drugs and picking their kids up from school. Upon further investigation it was made clear that this was probably a vindictive text as the female had just parted ways with the male sending the text and no evidence of drug use.

    Police responded to 6 motor vehicle collisions through the day.

  • November 16th:

  •  Police received a report from a business in the North end of Cobourg that a store had four dishwashers stolen. The thieves used a white van with no plates attached to steal the dishwashers. Investigation is continuing.

    Police were dispatched to the William Street area for a complaint of an older male having a difficult time walking in the snow. Police located the male and drove him home without incident.

 November 17th:

  • Police were dispatched to an address in the early morning for a disturbance in the John Street area. Upon arrival Police spoke with two parties who advised that they were in a heated argument. No reports of an assault or threats.

    A female contacted Police and advised that her neighbors were having a domestic dispute as they were yelling and throwing things around the apartment. Police arrived shortly after to a downtown apartment and spoke with a male and a female who advised Police that they were not having an argument and the neighbor calls Police on them all the time. It was determined that no offence took place and Police departed the area.

  • November 18th:

    Police attended a west end business to speak to a male complainant in regards to a domestic situation. On arrival Police learned that his ex-wife had taken his laptop and was threatening to destroy it as it had court documents and other sensitive information on it. Police made contact with the female and the investigation is ongoing at this time.

  • Police received a complaint of a male relative in the complainant’s apartment who was sleeping on her couch and she wished him removed. Police attended the residence and transported the male to the Cobourg Police Service to sleep in the comfort center for the evening without further incident.