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Weekly Media Release

From the 1st of October 2018 through the 7th of October 2018, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 197 occurrences including: 7 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 5 Alarm calls, 8 Theft/Shoplifting calls, 8 Suspicious Persons/Vehicles calls, 3 Domestic/Family Disputes, 1 Mischief call, 4 Assault calls, and 1 Neighbor Dispute. Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

October 1:

  • Police attended a downtown address for a report of a residential Break and enter. Upon arrival police spoke with homeowner who stated they left the residence around 11:30 returned at 15:00 to find the rear door damaged and a laptop missing. Police canvased a neighbour who stated a male knocked on her door at approximately 1:00 pm and asked if she wanted her grass cut. This offer was declined. At approximately 3:00pm the neighbour noticed the same male run through her backyard and jump over her rear fence with a bag in hand.

  • Police attended a downtown parking Lot as a result of a complainant stating they saw a male place a rifle in the back of a silver car and then sit in the car. Upon arrival police located the car which was unoccupied. The male was located at his residence and police determined the weapon was a pellet rifle which he had placed in the trunk of his car for safekeeping with no ammunition. Investigation revealed there were no allegation of any actions that were dangerous to the public peace or any criminal offences had occurred.

October 2:

  • Police were called to the Cobourg Community Centre for a report of a fight in the parking lot. However, upon police arrival no one was observed to be fighting and bystanders that were spoken to were not aware of any fight that had occurred.

  • A resident contacted police after she could hear what she believed to be a domestic in a nearby apartment. Police attended the apartment and spoke to a female who advised her boyfriend who was intoxicated had forced open her door causing damage to it. Police located the boyfriend a short time a later and he was arrested and charged with mischief.

October 3:

  • Police were called to a West end business for a report of a fraud. An unknown suspect entered the store and confused a cashier utilizing a quick change scam. The store suffered a loss of $500. Investigation is continuing.

  • An unknown suspect attended a local gas station and utilized an American $50 bill to conduct a transaction. It was later discovered the bill was counterfeit. The investigation is ongoing.

October 4:

  • Police were called to a local fast food restaurant after a customer ordered a coffee with a faulty lid causing the coffee to spill. A verbal argument ensued after the customer asked to speak with a manager. The customer was then trespassed from the premise by the restaurant. Police remained on scene to keep the peace.

  • A complainant requested police attend a West end residence and remove a family member who was intoxicated in the home causing a disturbance. Upon arrival police discovered the intoxicated person had gone to bed and there were no further issues.

October 5:

  • Police attended a downtown address and located a male, Vincent STEPHENS, 40 years old of No Fixed Address. He was subsequently arrested on outstanding warrants and further charged with numerous break and enters that had been occurring in the downtown core.

  • Police received a report of a missing 13 year old girl from her grandparent’s residence. The girl returned home safely while police were on scene investigating.

 October 6:

  • Police were called to a local motel after a male was located in a room without vital signs due to a suspected drug overdose. Paramedics and Fire also attended, however, the male was pronounced dead a short time later.

  • Information was received by police of an unknown suspect entering unlocked cars in the area of Coverdale Avenue. Police attended the area and were unable to locate the suspect. It was determined that nothing was stolen from the vehicles. Police would like to remind residents to ensure their vehicles are locked and valuables out of sight when unoccupied.

October 7:

  • A concerned resident contacted police after hearing a female on the street calling for help. Police attended the area and located an intoxicated female in a driveway. She was driven back to her residence by police and left in the care of a relative.

  • CN Rail notified police to report a broken down freight train blocking several level crossings through the Town of Cobourg. The train was eventually repaired a few hours later and preceded on its way.