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Weekly Media Release Oct 3-9, 2016

Between Monday the 3rd of October and Sunday the 9th of October, 2016, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 151 calls for service, including:

3 Suspicious persons; 15 Police Information; 1- 911 calls; 1 Domestic Calls; 20 Community Service; 8 Police Assistance; 8 Traffic Complaints; 1 Missing person; 1 Shoplifting; 2 Drug calls; 1 Unwanted Person call; 2 Harassments; 3 Animal Complaints; 7 Threats; 3 Alarms; 15 Motor Vehicle Collisions; 3 Noise Complaints; 1 Mental health; 8 Thefts, 2 Frauds; 4 Alarms; 2 Impaired Drivers; 2 R.I.D.E.’s, 1 Shoplift, 2 Liquor Licence Act, 1 Mischief, 1 Sudden Death.

Here are examples of the week:

Monday, 3rd October 2016:

  • A male located in the downtown Cobourg, area of Division Street and King St E was charged under the Safe Streets Act for aggressive panhandling near a bank machine.  The male received a Provincial Offences Notice for the offence and was advised to depart the area, of which he did; and
  • Unknown suspect(s) committed a Theft from an unlocked motor vehicle at a residential address in Cobourg, citizens are reminded to lock their motor vehicles and remove valuables from sight.

Tuesday, 4th of October, 2016:

  • Police were dispatched to a report of a Harassment, which occurred in a workplace environment.  As a result of the investigation, a male suspect was cautioned for Criminal Harassment and the Work Place Harassment Representative of the business was advised, the male was not charged criminally at this time; and

Wednesday, 5th of October, 2016:

  • Police were dispatched to a 911 Hold Up Alarm at a local business.  Upon Police arrival it was determined that the alarm button had been pressed in error;
  • Police attended a local business for a report of a hostile employee who had just been terminated “fired” from the business.  Upon Police arrival, a male employee was spoken to and advised to vacate the business property.  No direct threats of harm were received to any of the business staff personnel.  There were no criminal charges laid against the male.

Thursday, 6th of October, 2016:

  • Police were dispatched to an Animal Complaint in a residential area.  Information received upon arrival was that a next door neighbor repeatedly leaves their dog outside to bark, the complainant of the incident was tired of the constant noise.  Police spoke to the neighbour who owned the dog and was advised of the Noise By-Law in the Town of Cobourg.  The dog was taken inside and the complainant was advised to contact Police again should the incident continue; and

Friday, 7th of October, 2016:

  • Police conducted Fisheries Compliance Checks in the area of the Cobourg Creek, no charges as a result of the compliance checks; and
  • Police began the Provincial Campaign of Operation IMPACT during Thanksgiving Long Weekend, 7 to 10 October, 2016.  Police are targeting aggressive driving, speeding, seatbelts, impaired drivers and distracted drivers.  Upon completion of the Operation, the Cobourg Police will send out the enforcement results.

Saturday, 8th of October, 2016:

  • Through the Fisheries Compliance Checks which were initiated on Friday, the 7th of October, two fishermen were located at the Sinclair Park area fishing.  As a result of the investigation, two men were charged with a Provincial Offence of “Angling for Fish During Closed Time”, receiving a fine of $240.00 each; and
  • Police conducted a R.I.D.E. Check around various areas of Cobourg, one roadside screening device test was conducted on a driver of a motor vehicle and two drivers were charged with equipment and documentation violations contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.

Sunday, 9th of October, 2016:

  • At the start of night shift, Cobourg Police responded to a report of a possible Sudden Death.
  • Police were dispatched to an alarm at a commercial business in the down town corridor.  Upon arrival it was determined that the alarm was false in nature and the business appeared secured.

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Project Initiative for the month of October is Roadway Safety.  The Cobourg Police Service would like to remind drivers to operate their motor vehicle in a safe manner.  The public are encouraged to participate in the enforcement project and report any aggressive driving, distracted drivers and impaired drivers (impaired by alcohol or drug).