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Weekly Media Release Nov 16-23, 2015

Between Monday the 16th of November to Sunday the 23rd of November, 2015 the Cobourg Police Service responded to 109 calls for service including:

10 Motor vehicle collisions, 0 Mental Health Act calls, 6 Alarms, 7 Thefts, 0 Assaults, 3 Assist Ambulance calls, 2 Family Dispute, 3 Noise Complaint, , 4 Suspicious Person calls, 2 Mischief calls, 1 Harassment calls and 2 Unwanted Person calls.

Here is a summary of the week:

16 November, 2015

  • Police received information in regards to a suspicious person attempting to enter a vehicle. The information was provided long after the incident took place.  The Police have no suspects in this matter.
  • Police attended the area of Walmart for a Motor Vehicle Collision on private property.
  • Police investigated 3 calls for entries into unlocked vehicles. Several items were removed from the vehicles. Police have no suspects.
  • Police investigate the theft of a bicycle in the downtown area.  Police have no suspects in this matter.

17 November, 2015

  • Police took a report in the North end of Cobourg for a computer fraud. No suspects were located in this incident.
  • Police were called to the area of Northumberland Mall in regards to an attempt theft of pre-paid credit cards.  A suspect was located and was released after a short investigation.
  • Police investigated a Fail to Remain accident on private property on Division Street.  Police located the second party involved and facilitated in resolving the incident.  No charges were laid.
  • Police investigated a Motor Vehicle Collision on private property whereas a pedestrian was struck.  The pedestrian received minor injuries in the incident.
  • Police investigated a report of a missing 12 year old from a local store.  The 12 year old was located without incident.

18 November, 2015

  • Police investigated a domestic dispute which was verbal in nature. No charges were laid in this matter.
  • Police investigated a motor vehicle collision in the West end of Cobourg which resulted in property damage.
  • Police investigated an argument between two males on University Avenue West. Both males were cautioned in this matter.

19 November, 2015

  • Police attended a private parking lot for a motor vehicle collision and assisted the involved parties in exchanging information.

20 November, 2015

  • Police attended an address on Division Street for a noise complaint. The music was turned down without incident.
  • Police investigated a report of a suspicious person in the downtown area, the investigation is still ongoing.

21 November, 2015

  • Police assisted ambulance with an unresponsive male.  Assistance was rendered without incident.
  • Police investigated a 2 vehicle motor vehicle collision near the Mall.  No injuries were reported in this matter.
  • Police responded to a complaint of a suspicious male in the downtown area. Police located a male and cautioned him in regards to his aggressive sales tactics while going door to door.
  • Police responded to Rotary Park for a male sleeping in the warm room.  The male was moved on without incident.

22 November, 2015

  • Police responded to a noise complaint in the area of a local carwash. All parties had left prior to Police arrival.
  • Police attended the area of Henry Street for a noise complaint.  A party had just ended and all of the house guests were cleared of the area.
  • Police responded to the area of Division Street for several males fighting. Police located 3 males having a verbal argument.  All 3 parties were cautioned for their behaviour.

The Cobourg Police Service would like to remind residents that they will be conducting a Traffic Safety Initiative from 1 October to 31 December 2015 related to Distracted Driving.  This safety initiative is also in relation to Bill 31 amendments as of 1 September 2015 which highlights increased penalties for Distracted Driving.