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Weekly Media Release Mar 20-26, 2017

Between Monday the 20th of March to Sunday the 26th of March, 2017, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 176 calls for service including:

32 Foot Patrols, 8 Alarm calls, 7 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 7 Family Dispute / Domestic calls, 5 Assault calls, 5 Unknown Trouble / 911 calls, 5 Mental Health calls, 5 Police Assistance calls, 4 Harassment calls, 4 Liquor License Act calls, 4 Theft calls, 4 Missing Person calls, 3 Noise Complaint calls, 2 Impaired Driver calls, 2 Break and Enter calls, 2 Unwanted Person calls, 1 Trespass to Property Act call and 1 Fraud call.

Here are examples of the calls for the week:

Mar 20th

Police were dispatched to the east end of Cobourg for a report of a possible impaired (by drug) driver, an extensive search of the vicinity by and around a reported address met with negative results in locating the suspect motor vehicle

Police were dispatched to an Alarm at a commercial business, upon arrival Police spoke with contractors in the area who reported that they had entered an improper access code for the property; identification was confirmed of the contractor who was authorized to remain at the location.

Mar 21st:

Police attended a downtown bank for a report of an adult female sleeping in the front foyer.  Police investigation revealed that 57 year old female had been smoking and had urinated on the floor.  The adult female was charged under the Town of Cobourg By-Law and was also charged with Smoking Tobacco in an Enclosed Public Place under the Smoke Free Ontario Act.  The female then departed the property without further incident ;
A member of the public contacted Police to surrender a restricted firearm for destruction.  The person reported that he had sold all of his non restricted long guns and reported that he did not want to have the restricted firearm in his possession anymore; the firearm was submitted for destruction.

Mar 22nd:

Police responded to a motor vehicle collision involving two motor vehicles at a west end parking lot.  There were no report of injuries and it was determined that the collision resulted in Property Damage.  There were no charges due to the collision occurring on Private Property.

Mar 23rd: 

Police responded to a local area mall for a report of a possible Domestic incident involving a male and female who were yelling at each other.  Upon Police arrival and investigation, it was determined that a verbal argument had occurred over the use of a public bathroom.  There were no allegations of assaults or threats by either person involved, no charges were laid

Police were dispatched to a female who may be suicidal.  Upon meeting and speaking with the female, it was determined that she was not suicidal.  Police spent time with the female and provided her with information and counselling resources

Mar 24th: 

Police were dispatched to a report of a male trespassing on the property of a King St E business.  Police found that the male had departed the property prior to arrival of Police.

Police were dispatched to a report of a missing 86 year old male who had not been seen for over 1.5 hours.  While a search of the area was being conducted for the missing male, Police released the description and photograph of the male to the public through social media.  A local restaurant contacted Police Dispatch reporting that a male matching the description was seated in the restaurant.  Police attended and determined the male was in good health and all was in order

Mar 25th:  

Police were dispatched to a noise complaint (loud party) at a north end residence, it was reported that 100 to 200 youths were at the residence.  Police attended the area, shut down the party at the residence, spoke with the home owner and all youths departed without any charges being laid

Police attended for a report of a Domestic incident at an east end apartment.  Upon arrival it was determined that the domestic was verbal in nature; there were no allegations of assault or threats.  A female departed for the evening, no charges were laid.

Mar 26th: 

Police were dispatched to an Unknown Trouble Call / 911 call at an east end residence.  Upon Police arrival it was revealed that a person in the residence had accidently dialed 911 on her Apple Watch.  All was in order in the residence and no persons were in need of emergency services or Police assistance

Police were dispatched to a report of a family dispute.  A male youth was transported to hospital for a precautionary examination.  As a result of the Police investigation and medical observation, no further investigation was required.