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Weekly Media Release June 29-July 05Warning - this news article expired on 2015-11-06. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

From the 29th of June 2015 through the 5th of July 2015, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 184 occurrences including:

8 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 4 Theft reports, 2 Mischief incidents, 8 Alarm calls, 15 Liquor Licence Incident Investigations, 5 Noise Complaint, 4 Mental Health Incidents, 5 Assault incidents, 2 Drug Offences, 2 Harassment Incidents, 5 Unwanted Person Incidents, 2 Trespass to Property Act Investigations, 2 Assist Ambulance Incidents, 5 Suspicious Person Incidents, 1 Domestic Dispute, 1 Threatening, 1 Family Dispute, 1 Impaired Driver and 1 Sudden Death.

Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

June 29th:

  • Police attended and assisted the Northumberland Hills Hospital in locating a patient who had eloped from the hospital; the patient was being treated for mental illness in the Emergency Ward, the patient was located and returned to the hospital without incident.
  • Police attended motor vehicle collision involving two motor vehicles on Division Street; one driver was taken by ambulance to Northumberland Hills Hospital for observation for minor injuries.  No charges.

June 30th:

  • Police attended the Pioneer Gas Station on Division Street for a Theft, it was reported that a driver attended pumped $50 worth of fuel and then drove off without paying, investigation to continue.
  • Police were dispatched to a report of a highly intoxicated male walking down King Street East by D’Arcy Street; Police located the intoxicated male and charged him under the Liquor Licence for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place.  The male was transported home and cared for by his family.

July 1st:

 (Happy Birthday CANADA – Waterfront Weekend – Town of Cobourg)

  • Police responded to Victoria Park for seven separate alcohol related incidents, here are some examples of what Cobourg Police dealt with related to the incidents:
    • Two separate reports of two separate males drinking alcohol in the park, Police located both males at separate locations and charged each male under the Liquor Licence Act for Open Liquor contrary to the Liquor Licence Act.
    • Police were dispatched to a report of an Intoxicated Male at the beach by Victoria Park; the male was located and arrested for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place.  The male was held in Cobourg Police Service Cells until sober and then released.  The male was charged under the Liquor Licence Act for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place.
  • Police were dispatched to a Noise Complaint on Division Street for a large gathering of people at a house party, the party was ended, all persons cooperated and departed without incident, no one was charged under any provincial or criminal laws

July 2nd:

  • Police responded to a report of a house fire on Monk Street, upon arrival the structure was fully engulfed, a women residing in the residence was saved by three bystanders.  Damage of the house is extensive due to the fire.
  • Police were dispatched to an Animal incident on Division Street, where it had been reported that two puppies were in a motor vehicle with no windows rolled down or water provided to the dogs.  The incident findings revealed that the windows were in fact rolled down and the puppies were fine.  The Cobourg Police Service would like to take this opportunity to remind the public not to leave animals in motor vehicles during the summer.  The interior of a motor vehicle heats up quickly with the dash materials, fabric colours and seat materials, an animal left alone in a motor vehicle with no ventilation or access to water can cause an animal to become distressed and succumb to heat exhaustion.

Jul 3rd:

  • Police responded to a single motor vehicle collision at the Northumberland Mall, the driver reported that his accelerator stuck which caused him to mount a median and then hit a tree; there were no injuries or charges.
  • Police were called to Victoria Park for a Trespass to Property Act incident.  Upon arrival it was determined that a male who had been trespassed from the property the day before was around the area lingering, Police spoke with the male and advised him not to return to the Waterfront Festival, the male complied and was not charged under the Trespass to Property Act

July 4th:

  • Police responded to a Family Dispute on King Street East.  Upon Police arrival it was revealed that members of the family, all adults had been consuming alcohol for the entire day.  Each person was spoken to and advised to get along, Police departed and did not return to the residence again, no charges.
  • Police were dispatched to a large party located in an apartment building on Munroe Street, as a result of Police attendance all parties who were not on the lease were advised to depart, all persons departed without incident and no charges were issued under the Trespass to Property Act or Liquor Licence Act.
  • Police conducted Traffic Enforcement on Division Street, 15 drivers of motor vehicles driving southbound on Division Street received 15 traffic tickets for speeding, the average speed was above 73 km/h in a posted 50 km/h zone.  Police remind the public to slow down for the safety of all using the roadway, drivers operating motor vehicle, cyclists and pedestrians on the sidewalks.  Traffic Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.

July 5th:

  • Police responded to a report of a Theft at a construction site on Veronica Street, as a result of the investigation two males were arrested and released on an Appearance Notice for Theft and Possession Under $5000 contrary to the Criminal Code, the males had stolen construction equipment.
  • Police were dispatched to a report of a Suspicious Male acting “weirdly” possibly suffering from a mental episode around the area of Alexandria Drive, it was reported that the male was yelling out loud to himself.  Upon Police arrival it was revealed that the male had a cell phone and that he was yelling at the person on the other end of the phone during a heated discussion, the male was advised to return to his residence and conduct the conversation in private so he would not disturb his neighbors.

The Cobourg Police Service would also like to remind the citizens of Cobourg to lock their vehicles to prevent and deter mischiefs to and thefts from motor vehicles. These incidents are an ongoing concern for the Cobourg Police Service.

Should you believe you are the victim of a Fraud, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or report online at www.antifraudcentre.ca