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Weekly Media Release July 27-Aug 02Warning - this news article expired on 2015-09-04. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

Weekly Media Release

From the 27th of July to the 2nd of August 2015, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 132 incidents which included:

9 Mischief calls, 7 Theft calls, 6 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 6 Alarm calls, 5 Property Related calls, 5 Disturb the Peace calls, 4 Mental Health calls, 4 Domestic Dispute calls, 4 Missing Person calls, 3 Harassment calls, 3 Family Disturbance calls, 3 Impaired Driver calls, 3 Attempt Suicide calls, 2 Suspicious Person calls, 2 Fraud calls, 2 Noise Complaint calls, 2 Stolen Vehicle calls, 2 Unwanted Person calls, 2 Trespass to Property Act calls, 2 Landlord Tenant calls, 2 Shoplifter calls, 1 Suspicious Vehicle call, 1 Assault call, 1 Sudden Death call, 1 Sexual Assault call, and 1 Neighborhood Dispute call.

Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

July 27:

  • Police investigated a Theft incident, as a result of the investigation unknown persons stole assorted tools and solar panels, investigation to continue;
  • Police responded to a report of a Motor Vehicle Collision, the investigation revealed that the MVC occurred on Private Property, that the damage was over $1000 dollars and that no charges were laid as the collision occurred on Private Property, no persons were injured;
  • Police received information that three males were drinking alcohol at Rotary Park; Police attended and conducted an investigation.  Three males were charged under the Liquor Licence Act and released with Provincial Offence Notices; the males were not intoxicated and did depart on their own accord.  Citizens are reminded that it is illegal to consume alcohol in public locations other than designated areas

July 28:

  • Police received a report of an Assault in progress by the Yacht Club, Officers responded and located a male and female who had been involved in a verbal argument.  No allegations of assault or threats were received from either person involved;
  • Police were dispatched to a Motor Vehicle Collision which occurred at the hospital parking lot.  Upon Police arrival it was determined that the damage was less than $1000 dollars and there were no injuries.  No charges as the MVC occurred on Private Property, both motor vehicles were driven away by their owners;
  • Police were dispatched for a report of a Suspicious Male going door to door possibly harassing residents in a neighborhood.  Upon arrival of Police it was determined that the young male worked for an HVAC company and was not harassing people, that he was indeed attempting to sell the HVAC product, his company ID was checked and was valid, he was permitted to proceed;

July 29:

  • Police investigated a Theft of a Bicycle, the bicycle is black in colour and is a female style 18 Speed Mountain bike, it was stolen from a residence driveway overnight by unknown suspect(s);
  • Police responded to a call about Suspicious Persons in a house under construction, the complainant could see three to four youths with flashlights inside.  Police conducted a search of the property and interior of the under construction house which met with negative results in locating any suspects, no damage to the property was observed.  Police remind citizens to remain away from construction zones due to possible hazardous areas, as well as, being on a property without permission may result in charges under the Trespass to Property Act or Criminal Charges;

July 30:

  • Police were advised of a Mischief to Property (graffiti) which occurred at a local business.  The local business had been “tagged “ by unknown suspect(s), the unknown suspect(s) had spray painted the back wall of the business;
  • Police were dispatched to a Trespass to Property Act incident at a local business.  Upon arrival Police spoke with a female who had been in the area attempting to solicit money from the business patrons, Police requested that the female depart the area of which she did immediately, no charges were laid under the Trespass to Property Act and the female was cautioned should she return to the property further Police involvement would result in charges;

Jul 31:

  • Police were dispatched to a local business to investigate a Fail to Remain Motor Vehicle Collision which had occurred in the parking lot.  Damage consisted of over $1000 dollars, no injuries and no video existed in the parking lot, unknown suspect(s) and unknown suspect motor vehicle;
  • Police responded to a Family Disturbance.  Upon Police arrival it was determined that all adult family members had been drinking alcohol and were engage in a verbal argument.  No allegations of assault or threats were received.  Family members were advised to quiet down and stop arguing, all persons involved complied with Police demands;

Aug 1:

  • A complainant contacted Police to advise that he had been followed home from a mall in Cobourg by a suspicious motor vehicle.  The complainant reported that the unknown suspect / motor vehicle followed to him to his residence and then parked, eventually departing the area a few minutes later.  The complainant did not recognize the motor vehicle, as the complainant was visiting from Toronto for the weekend.  Police conducted a search of the area which met with negative results in locating any motor vehicle that matched the description provided by the complainant, no licence plate information was reported as well.  Police remind citizens / motorists that 911 can be called at any time to make contact with Police, should assistance be required, a person can always drive to the nearest Police agency for assistance as well;
  • Police received a report of a theft of a bicycle from a local business.  The stolen bicycle is a NEX (Laser) bicycle, grey and black in colour with tape on the gear cables;

Aug 2:

  • Police responded to a report of two males damaging sand sculptures in the early morning hours at Victoria Beach, two males were located and charged contrary to the Liquor Licence Act for open liquor.  The complainant did not directly observe either male damage the sculptures, Police were unable to charge either male for Mischief to the sculptures;
  • Police were dispatched to a report of a three year old child wandering in the area of Division Street wearing no shoes.  Police attended the area and located the toddler, shortly afterwards the mother of the toddler arrived and spoke with Police.  The toddler had wandered away from the household without the mother knowing; the toddler was found in a healthy state.

The Cobourg Police Service would like to remind citizens that a noise initiative is being conducted in the area of Division Street and Pier area.  Any citizens that are bothered by noise of motor vehicle mufflers, engines revving loudly are reminded to call the Cobourg Police regarding the noisy motor vehicles.  Police ask the public (should it be possible) to attempt to obtain the motor vehicle description (make, model, and colour) and/or licence plate and a description of the person driving the motor vehicle.  Officers of the Cobourg Police Service have been laying charges related to Unnecessary Noise and / or Improper Muffler, both charges, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act around the Division St / Pier area as well as other areas within the Town of Cobourg.

The Cobourg Police Service would like to remind citizens that a Traffic Safety Initiative is being conducted at all intersections in the Town of Cobourg until the end of September 2015.  The safety initiative is organized to educate and help reduce drivers operating motor vehicles who are not adhering to intersection rules and the Highway Traffic Act regulations.