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Weekly Media Release Jan 29 to Feb 4

Media Release

From the 29th of January 2018 through to the 4th of February, 2018, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 159 occurrences including:

15 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 8 Theft calls, 8 Alarm calls, 4 Ambulance Assists, 5 Animal Complaints, 30 Community Services, 2 attempt threats or suicides, 2 Drug Offences, 6 911 call/911 hang up calls, 3 Frauds, 4 possible impaired, 2 Traffic Complaints, 12 motor vehicle collisions, 3 Stolen Vehicles, 3 Family Disputes, 1 Assaults, 6 Noise Complaint calls, and 1 Mental Health call.  Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

January 29th:

  • Police arrested a Cobourg male in regards to a shoplifting incident that occurred at a local business. The male was released on a Promise to Appear with a later court date.

  • Police responded to a call in regards to four youths walking on ice by the boat launch in Cobourg.The young people were spoken to about the dangers of unsafe ice conditions.

January 30th:

  • Cobourg Police responded to a motor vehicle collision that occurred on private property. Minor collision, all parties involved had no injuries

  • A Cobourg citizen attended the Cobourg Police Station to turn in drugs that were suspected to be fentanyl. The drugs were seized and destroyed.

January 31st:

  • Police attended a Breakfast Club at a local school to assist staff

  • A male was trespassed from a local high school because of aggressive behaviour towards the staff.

  • Police responded to an alarm at a local storage business. Through investigation it was found that the alarm was false.

  • Police attended a residence in Cobourg involving a suicidal female. After Police spoke to the female it was clear that the female was not suicidal.

    February 1st

  • Police were dispatched to a report of 2 males banging on doors in the downtown area. Police searched the area with negative results

  • Police responded to a local business for a report of 2 females carrying signs asking for money. Both females left the local business without incident.

    February 2nd

  • Police responded to a report of a male and female possibly doing drugs in the bathroom at a local business. Police checked the area extensively and could not locate the male and female

  • Police conducted traffic enforcement in the Town of Cobourg resulting in Highway Traffic charges

February 3rd

  • Police were dispatched to an Animal compliant involving a barking dog in the early morning. The owner was located and the dog was placed inside of the residence.

  • Police investigated a family dispute involving money. Subsequent to Police investigation there was no report of an assault or threat by both parties. Advice was given by Police.

  • Police responded to a theft of property from a motor vehicle. The wallet and identification of the owner was stolen. No suspects or witnesses to this occurrence.

     February 4th

  • Cobourg Police responded to a Domestic dispute involving family members. Upon Police arriving the family members were separated. No allegations of an assault or threat were made by the family members.

  • Police attended a local residence in regards to a person welfare check. Police located and spoke to the person who was in good health.

  • Police responded to a possible stolen vehicle. After attending the owner’s residence, he advised Police that his vehicle was not stolen, and also stated he remembered where he had parked it. Police attended the parking lot were the owner advised he parked it and located the vehicle.

The Cobourg Police Service encourages everyone to report any suspicious or criminal activity:
Cobourg Police Service: 905-372-2243 or Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477