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Weekly Media Release Feb 22-28Warning - this news article expired on 2016-03-01. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

Between Monday the 22nd of February to Sunday the 28th of February 2016 the Cobourg Police Service responded to 127 calls for service including:

14 Police Assistance calls, 9 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 7 Alarm calls, 5 Fraud calls, 4 Mischief calls, 3 Mischief calls, 3 Mental Health calls, 3 Theft calls, 3 Landlord Tenant calls, 3 Suspicious Person calls, 3 Assault calls, 3 Harassment calls, 3 Suspicious Motor Vehicle calls, 3 Domestic Disputes, 2 Neighbour Disputes, 1 Robbery call, 1 Unwanted Person call, 1 Missing Person call, 1 Threats call and 1 Noise Complaint call

Here are examples of the calls for the week:

Feb 22nd

•    Police were called to a rooming house to speak with a female who appeared to be having mental health difficulties.  Police located the female, spoke with her and transported the woman to a local hospital for medical assistance and assessment:

  • Police conducted Traffic Enforcement in the area of Danforth Road for an hour in the morning of this date; four (4) Provincial Offence Notices were issued to drivers of motor vehicles for Speeding.  Motorists are reminded that the roadway is a posted 60 km/h speed zone and to adhere to the speed limit for safety.

Feb 23rd

  • Police attended an east end apartment building for a report of a Theft, the complainant reported that he was missing two shirts that he had placed in the hallway while cleaning out his apartment.  Unknown suspect(s) and this incident remains unsolved.
  • Police responded to a Panic Alarm at a business on William Street, upon Police arrival it was determined that the alarm had been pushed in error, no person(s) were in distress;
  • Police attended a west end residence for a report of Neighbour Dispute.  As a result of the investigation the two neighbours who were involved in the incident and who reside side by side were advised to have no contact with each other; there were no allegations of assaults or threats.

Feb 24th

  • Police responded to a motor vehicle collision, reports received was that the motor vehicle had rolled over and was near a creek.  Police attendance at the scene and investigation revealed there were no injuries;
  • Police responded to an Unwanted Person call on William Street at a local warehouse.  Upon arrival Police spoke with the complainant who requested that four people be removed from the property address.  As a result of the investigation it was determined that a Court Order was in effect which authorized the removal of property from within the location.  As a result of the Court Order, Officers stood by to Keep the Peace while persons in attendance from an unnamed company removed articles from the warehouse.

Feb 25th

  • Police responded to a business address on D’Arcy Street for an alarm.  Upon Police arrival it was determined that the alarm was false in nature as a person within the business had inadvertently triggered it;
  • Police were called to a business location on Strathy Road about a suspicious motor vehicle which had been parked at the business for a few days.  As a result of Police attendance the owner of the business was advised that the motor vehicle could be towed as the area is private property.  Police attempted to contact the Registered Owner for the motor vehicle which met with negative results; the motor vehicle was towed from the location by the owner of the private property;
  • Police were dispatched to a report of a Domestic Dispute at a downtown residence.  Upon Police arrival it was determined that a male and female were indeed yelling at each other.  As a result of Police investigation the incident was deemed verbal in nature, there were no allegations of assaults or threats; no charges were laid.

Feb 26th

  • Police conducted Traffic Enforcement in the morning for an hour at the intersection of George Street and James Street West due to a report that drivers of motor vehicles are not stopping for the Stops Signs at the intersection.  As a result of the enforcement, zero (0) Provincial Offence Notices were issued;
  • Police were dispatched to a report of numerous youths yelling at the rear of a mall located on William Street by Elgin Street West.  As a result of Police attendance, youths were located and advised to lower their voices as the area backs on to residential addresses to the south of the location;
  • Police were dispatched to a west end residence for a report of a loud party.  Upon Police arrival numerous “party goers” were located on the street.  Police located and spoke with the resident hosting the party, the male was advised to lower the music and care for all “party goers” in attendance at his residence.  Police arrested an intoxicated male who was yelling and standing on the street during the investigation, charged with Being Intoxicated in a Public Place is 19 year old Brady Ferguson of Gores Landing; the male was held in cells until sober and released later that morning

Feb 27th  

  • Police responded to a report of a male breaking a door down at a north end apartment building on Division Street.  Upon Police arrival it was determined that the male had not broken the door down but did enter the apartment of which he had been renting a month prior.  The male was advised not to return to the apartment building as he was not welcome and had not paid rent for the last month, the complainant reported that a Trespass to Property Act Letter would be sent to the male at a later date.  The incident was deemed a Trespass to Property Act and Landlord Tenant incident;

Feb 28th

  • Police were dispatched to a Threats call, upon speaking with the complainant it was revealed that the threat had been sent by a text message from a mobile device.  As a result of the Police investigation a male was located and spoken to; the complainant declined to lay criminal charges against the male;
  • Police were dispatched to a two motor vehicle collision on Division Street by the Via Rail Station driveway exit, both drivers involved were transported by Ambulance to a local hospital for medical treatment, injuries were minor in nature.  The investigation determined that Driver 2 was at fault for the collision, Driver 2 was subsequently charged with Fail to Yield from Private Drive, contrary to Section 139(1) of the Highway Traffic Act.  The offence charge carries a penalty of $110 and 3 demerit points; both motor vehicles were towed from the scene

The Cobourg Police Service would like to remind motorists that operating a motor vehicle during this time of year (late winter and early spring) that the roadway can be greatly affected by thawing and freezing of water (condensation) on the roadways.  Black ice may form even when the ambient temperature is several degrees above the freezing point of water 0 °C, motorists are urged to slow down, use caution and give appropriate spacing between other motor vehicles sharing the roadway.