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Weekly Media Release Dec 28-Jan 03Warning - this news article expired on 2016-02-07. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

From the 28th of December 2015 to the 3rd of January 2016, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 83 occurrences including: 7 Alarm calls, 7 Police Assistance calls, 5 Theft calls, 5 Assault calls, 4 Unwanted Person calls, 3 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 3 Mischief calls, 3 Family Dispute calls, 2 Missing Person calls, 2 Suspicious Person calls, 2 Stolen Motor Vehicle calls, 2 Assist Ambulance calls, 2 Disturb the Peace calls, 2 Harassment calls, 1 Neighbour Dispute call, 1 Fraud call and 1 Noise Complaint call.

Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

December 28th:

  • Police were dispatched to motor vehicle collision involving two motor vehicles at the intersection of Elgin St W and Ontario St.  As a result of the investigation the driver who was at fault was charged Left Turn – Fail to Afford Reasonable Opportunity to Avoid Collision contrary to Section 141(5) of the Highway Traffic Act which has a penalty of $110.00 and 3 demerit points.  There were no reported injuries;
  • Police responded to a Disturbance in progress at a residence located in the northeast of Cobourg.  It was reported that two females and one male were engaged in a heated altercation.  As a result of the investigation the male involved in the incident was served with a letter contrary to Trespass to Property Act.  No criminal charges were laid against any of the involved persons as neither person involved wanted to pursue any charges against each other.  All persons involved in the incident were separated and advised to have no contact with each other; and
  • Police responded to a report of a Family Disturbance, prior to Police arrival it was determined that the people who had been yelling at family members had departed.  Police located and spoke to the two people who had recently departed the residence they were advised to remain away from the residence for 24 hours.

December 29th:

  • Police attended an address on Munroe Street for a report of a Stolen Motor Vehicle.  Two days later the motor vehicle was recovered from a parking lot within the Town of Cobourg without any damage done to it.  A Scenes of Crime Officer processed the motor vehicle for evidence and the motor vehicle was returned to the Registered Owner.  Investigation to continue; and
  • Police attended a residence to Assist Ambulance with a possibly depressed female.  Upon Police arrival Paramedics were already speaking with the female, it was determined that she was intoxicated she was transported to a local hospital to receive care.

December 30th:

  • Police were called to check a local hospital grounds for a report of a person panhandling near the emergency door, upon Police arrival the area was searched which met with negative results in locating the person;
  • Police investigated a Theft at an exercise facility, it was reported that an iPod was stolen from an unlocked locker, suspects are unknown and the investigation is continuing; and
  • Police were called to the Warming Room by the Frink as a male had apparently locked himself in the bathroom and was unable to open the door.  Police were able to assist the male and he was sent on his way with a friend to care for him, the male was under the influence of alcohol;

December 31st:

  • Police attended to Assist Ambulance at a household where a person who was intoxicated had injured her hand.  Upon Police arrival, Paramedics advised that the female would be transported to a local hospital for treatment and that Police were no longer required; and
  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) requested the assistance of Cobourg Police to attend a residence on June St for a Noise Complaint, OPP were unable to attend due to another emergency incident.  As a result of Cobourg Police attending the residence, a male was charged under the Liquor Licence Act, the Noise Complaint which turned out to be a loud house party was dispersed. 

January 1st:

  • Police responded to area motel for a report of a fight, upon Police arrival was determined that the fight was between two males arguing over the heat in the room, both males were intoxicated.  The males were separated for the night and advised to remain quiet there were no allegations of assaults; and
  • Police attended a residence for a report of a Mischief.  Video surveillance at the residence shows a male urinating on the front step of the residence and also damaging Christmas lights on the property.  Investigation to continue.

January 2nd:

  • Police were called to attend an Animal Complaint at a residence.  A raccoon had walked up to a residential driveway and would not leave the front of the garage.  As this incident was deemed not a Police matter the Animal Control Officer was contacted to attend, the animal was removed without incident; and
  • Police were dispatched to an incident of a male bothering a female teenager as she walked with friends in the downtown area; the male was driving a pickup truck.  Information of the suspect motor vehicle (no plate had been obtained) was given out to Police units which conducted a search of the area; the search met with negative results in locating the suspect motor vehicle.  The investigation determined that no threats had been received however the male used profanity and made lude remarks towards the teenager.

January 3rd:

  • Police were dispatched to a restaurant on William Street to speak to a male who was bothering patrons.  Upon Police arrival at the location, the male was asked to leave of which he did without incident.  The male was advised not to return to the restaurant location and further advised that if he did return that he would be charged under the Trespass to Property Act.  No charges were laid for this incident.
  • Police responded to a fight outside of a bar.  Police investigated the incident speaking with one male who reported that he was arguing with another male but that he did not know his name, there were no allegations of assault or threats received; and
  • Police received a report of a Harassment call.  Police contacted and spoke with the complainant who reported that an unknown person was sending her text messages on her cell phone repeatedly.  As the originator of the text messages was unknown, the complainant was advised to block the number and if they persisted was advised to change her phone number.  No allegations of threats were received by any of the text messages.

The Cobourg Police Service would like to remind citizens of the Winter Parking By law on streets and roadways for the Town of Cobourg.  The By Law states that no person shall park a vehicle on any designated collector and arterial roads between November 1st and March 31st between the hours of 2:00 am to 7:00 am.  Failure to comply with the By Law may result in a motor vehicle being ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.  The Town of Cobourg appreciates the efforts of citizens in parking off of the street which allows for safe and efficient snow removal from collector and arterial roads.