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Weekly Media Release April 18-24, 2016Warning - this news article expired on 2016-06-25. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

From the 18th of April to the 24th of April, 2016, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 147 occurrences which include:

6 Alarm calls, 5 Theft calls, 4 Mental Health calls, 4 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 3 Impaired Driver calls, 3 Mischief calls, 2 Domestic Incident calls, 2 Neighborhood Dispute calls, 2 Threats calls, 1 Assault call, 1 Harassment call, 1 Assist Ambulance call, 1 Suspicious Person call, 1 Trespass to Property Act call and 1 Property Related call.

Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:

April 18th

  • Police responded to local rooming house for a report of a female feeling unsafe and possibly suffering with mental health issues.  Upon arrival the female was located and transported to a local hospital for medical assessment; and
  • Police were called to a report of an impaired driver at a drive thru lane located at a west end restaurant.  Upon Police arrival at the location a male driver was arrested.  As a result of breath samples being below the legal limit of 80 mgs of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, the driver was released and charged with Having Care or Control of a Motor Vehicle with Open Container of Liquor, contrary to Section 32(1) of the Liquor Licence Act, the set fine is $215.00 dollars.  Drivers of motor vehicles are reminded not to drink and drive.

April 19th

  • Police attended a parking lot for a report of a motor vehicle collision involving an automobile and a garbage truck, there were no reportable injuries.  As a result of the investigation, no charges were laid due to the collision occurring on private property.  Information was exchanged for insurance purposes; and
  • Police were called to an Assist Ambulance call at an east end factory for a report of an industrial accident.  Upon Police arrival, the area inside the factory was cordoned off and secured for the investigation; the Ministry of Labour was contacted.  The victim of the accident was transported to a local hospital for assessment with unknown injuries.  It was determined the accident was caused by the workers pre-existing medical history.  The Ministry of Labour made contact with the Employer; the scene was released and there were no charges to the business.

April 20th

  • Police were called to a west end business for a report of a Theft, it was reported that a petty cash amount of $700 had been stolen.  Investigation to continue by Police; and
  • Police were dispatched to attend the Elgin Street area for a report of hazardous debris on the roadway.  Upon arrival it was determined that a stretch of Elgin Street, the south side lane had gravel all over the pavement.  Public Works attended the area, cleaned up and removed the debris from the roadway.

April 21st

  • Police were dispatched to an Alarm at a business located on King St W.  Upon arrival at the business Police conducted a check of the store and area surrounding the business address.  The business owner was contacted and attended shortly thereafter to ensure all was in order.  The alarm was deemed false in nature; and
  • Police attended a store in the downtown area of Cobourg for a report of a theft (shoplifting incident).  Video surveillance reveals an unknown female suspect stealing bottles of alcohol and departing the store without paying for the merchandise.  Investigation to continue by Police.

April 22nd

  • Police were dispatched to a report of 6 or 7 men carrying firewood under the bridge at Elgin Street West and Ontario Street.  Police arrived at the location and conducted a foot patrol of the area, which met with negative results in locating the males.  Incident unfounded; and
  • Police received a phone call about a possible custody issue regarding a child and a weekend visitation.  A review of the incident was conducted and deemed that no custody order exists as of this date.  Advice was given to the complainant for proper avenues.

April 23rd

  • Police responded to a report of a female downtown yelling and screaming, reports received was that the female was not wearing any shoes and was visibly upset.  Upon Police arrival, the female was located and apprehended under the mental health act, the female was transported to a local hospital for an assessment; and
  • Police were dispatched to a report of a Theft (Shoplifting) incident at a store on Strathy Road.  Just before Police attended the business, Police Dispatch advised that a male had attended the Police Service and wanted to turn himself in for the Shoplifting incident.  Police arrived at the Police Station and spoke with the suspect male, he was detained for investigation.  As a result of the investigation, the male was given a Trespass to Property Act Letter from the store to remain away from the address for a year; the $2.00 dollar item that he had stolen was returned to the store.

April 24th

  • Police received a complaint of a possible impaired driver last observed travelling northbound from the downtown area.  Police attended the area and searched for the motor vehicle which met with negative results in locating the suspect motor vehicle.  The licence plate provided to Police at the time of the incident was incorrect however the complainant believed they knew the driver of the motor vehicle.  Police attended the address of the registered owner; the motor vehicle that was parked at a west end address matched the description of the original broadcast to Police.  Police located no person inside the motor vehicle and were unable to speak to anyone as no one would answer the residence door.  The incident remains unsolved;
  • Police were called to a Bay St address for a report of a Driving Complaint in the area.  As a result of the investigation, a 20 year old male was cautioned for Careless Driving contrary to Section 130 of the Highway Traffic Act; and
  • Police were called to the Cobourg Harbour Marina for a report of two youths attempting mischief around the marine fuel filling station, it was reported that the youths appeared to be playing with fuel hoses.  Upon Police arrival at the location, the area was checked by conducting foot patrol and mobile patrols of the area; no youths were located.  Police checked the fuel area; it appeared that no spillage occurred from the fuel hoses onto the deck or water.

Traffic Safety Message (Seatbelt Enforcement – April 2016)

During the month of April 2016, Officers from the Cobourg Police Service have been and are continuing to conduct enforcement related to Seatbelts and the wearing of the safety restraint system.  It is a proven fact that seat belts do save lives. Transport Canada statistics indicate that five lives are saved for every one percent increase in seat belt usage among Canadians.  Failure to heed the law can have tragic results by not wearing a seat belt at a time of the accident.

The Cobourg Police Service would like to remind the public that it is the law to wear seatbelts while travelling in a motor vehicle.  The penalty amount for a seatbelt infraction contrary to the Highway Traffic Act can result in a minimum fine of $240.00 dollars with demerit points to a maximum of $2000.00 dollars also with demerit points.