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Weekend Beach High Enforcement Initiative

Consistent with the Police Services Strategic Business Plan to increase police visibility downtown and on the waterfront, this past weekend officers conducted a “zero-tolerance” enforcement initiative along the waterfront. Officers patrolled the beach and parks searching for any infractions of the Liquor License Act, Town By-Laws and other related legislation.

As a result, of the efforts of the officers the results are as follows:

Liquor Licence Act Charges:  27

Smoke free Ontario Act charges: 6

Trespass to Property Act: 2

Bylaw:  1

Arrested: 2

Criminal Charges: 2

Attached is a picture of the seizures from day 1.

As part of this initiative two males were arrested under the Criminal Code. Jared Hetner, 34 years of age of Carrying Place, was arrested for failing to comply with conditions of his recognizance given to a Justice. He was held for a Show Cause Hearing Monday August 08th, 2016. Brandon Donnelly, 20 years of age of Oshawa, was arrested for Obstruct Police. He was released with a court date.

The Cobourg Police Service wants to remind everyone that the Beach and Waterfront are a prohibited area under the Liquor Licence Act, prohibiting ANY alcohol, even sealed unless possessed under a licence.  This allows for all visitors to enjoy our Waterfront in a safe and respectful manner.