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UPDATE Threats made over social media result in school lockdown

A youth has been arrested and charged with Uttering Threats, section 264.1(1) of the Criminal Code. Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the youth’s name will not be released. A court date is pending.

At about 08:46 AM on June 3, officers of the Cobourg Police Service were dispatched to a local high school in relation to threats made in relation to a firearm.  The threats were made over a social media application.

While the individual making the threats was not present, a lockdown of the school was initiated, to further ensure student, teacher and public safety.

Investigation resulted in determining that the individual in question was residing outside of Cobourg.  Officers from the Ontario Provincial Police were notified, and currently have the individual safely detained for further investigation.

With the wide availability of social media channels to students at the school in question, it is understood that parents have been advised by their children of the lockdown, and are justifiably concerned about their safety, as well as next steps. 

The Cobourg Police Service are satisfied that there is no further threat to public safety at this time and will provide further information as it is available.