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Trying to Curb Panhandling in Downtown CobourgWarning - this news article expired on 2015-12-24. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

Panhandling in the Downtown Core

As part of our engagement with the community throughout the downtown core, the Cobourg Police Service has received complaints related to aggressive panhandling.

Pedestrians and motorist have been accosted or persistently followed while these individuals are asking for money. These actions can make people feel uncomfortable, feel intimidated and frightened to walk downtown and enter businesses.

Giving money to someone who is panhandling will reinforce this activity. If you want to contribute in making a positive change in the lives of those in need, we would like to encourage you to donate to any of our local organizations such as United Way Food for All, Fare share Foodbank or The Salvation Army.

The Cobourg Police Service would like to inform you that The Safe Streets Act prohibits a person to solicit in an aggressive manner, solicit near automated teller machine, solicit near a public toilet facility, public transit stop or public vehicle, solicit in a parking lot, solicit near vehicles or person in vehicles while on the roadway.

We are asking for your help to discourage panhandling in Cobourg by refusing to give money to these individuals and call Police. This will allow us to redirect these individuals to services than can better assist them.

For further information, you can contact PC Sabrina Veltkamp #260 at 905-372-6821 extension 7260