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Trace Pen Introduced To Cobourg

The Cobourg Police Service strives to be an adaptive and trusted community partner in protecting the property and citizens of Cobourg.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) has endorsed an exciting new tool to aid in theft prevention, recovery of stolen goods and criminal convictions.

Trace Pen

The Trace Pen attaches thousands of tiny discs, the size of a grain of sand, to your property. Each disc has a unique, identifiable (and registered) number linking your property within a database that can be accessed by police.

In partnership with local businesses, Cobourg Buy and Sell and Greenbacks, the Cobourg Police Service is providing reader technology to these businesses to let them inspect items brought in for sale. This protects these businesses from unwittingly being in possession of property that might be stolen.  They can involve police sooner in suspicious circumstances and this allows investigations that apprehend persons responsible, determine ownership and return property to its rightful owners.


The Cobourg Police Service would like to thank Adam Bureau, the owner of Cobourg Buy and Sell, who has showed great faith in the program by donating two Trace Pens.  

Deputy Chief Paul VandeGraaf accepts Trace Pens from Adam Bureau

For the next week, five more Trace Pens will be available for free as part of our introduction.  Drop into the station and leave your name and phone number.  Winners will be contacted next week.  As well, brochures are available in our lobby that provide a discount off the regular price when you attend at Home Hardware to buy a Trace Pen.

Any questions can be directed to the program organizer, Cst. Frank Francella, by calling the station at 905-372-6821.