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Theft of Bank Cards through Distraction

Police received a call on August 24, 2019 regarding a bank card theft at a business on Elgin Street. The victim was waiting in line to pay for his groceries and two men got behind him and watched him enter his bank card pin number into the key pad. Once outside, the victim was approached by the same two men who asked the victim if he had change for a 20-dollar bill. The two suspects then proceeded to distract the victim when he pulled his wallet out and took his bank card without the victim knowing it. 

Approximately $1,300 was withdrawn from the victim’s bank account.

Police are urging the public to be vigilant and cover their bank card pin number and when entering it to pay for their merchandise. Remember to report any suspicious or criminal activity. If you have information that may help with an investigation, call Cobourg Police Service or anonymously on the Crime Stoppers "Hot Line", available to callers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your information leads to a charge or an arrest, you may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.00.