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Telephone - Solicitation Concerns

The Cobourg Police Service is strive to be a trusted community partner among peers with a shared goal of protecting the safety, security and quality of Iife in our Town.

With a multitude of methods available to defraud someone, one of the most common is by way of a simple phone call.  It is relatively easy for a person to 'spoof' caller ID, making you think that an incoming phone is being placed from a local phone number, or trusted organization.

 Once someone has your ear, they run through a script that helps to build trust and rapport. 

They may ask for a little money for you to be given a lot, they may say they're a family member in legal trouble or they may say you've won something.

If you didn't call them, you should carefully doubt that the call is legitimate. 


--DON'T COMMIT TO ANYTHING.  Verify that the caller is legitimate

(go to the website…look them up in a phone book)

There are numerous reports and articles online regarding people who have been defrauded, but there are also many tips and resources you can use to protect yourself.  If you think you've been the victim of a fraud:

1.         Call Your Credit Card Company or Bank Immediately After You Realize That You've Been Scammed.

2.         File a Police Report.

Check these resources on the Government of Canada website under the "More Services" tab then select "Money and Finances":


Or check the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre