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Six vehicles taken off the road for violations

The Cobourg Police Service’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Project (S.T.E.P.) for the month of August 2019, is Motor Vehicle Emission Control Systems and Improper Mufflers.

On August 23, 2019 the Cobourg Police Service hosted a Joint Forces Traffic Safety Initiative which included a Joint Forces Enforcement Team (JFET) made up of enforcement officers from the Ministry of Environment and police officers from the Cobourg Police Service. The JFET officers conducted traffic stops for moving violations and conducted 12 inspections at an inspection site and, the traffic stop locations.

The JFET revealed the following statistics:

  • 3 motor vehicles, 2 diesel 2500 series pickup trucks and an SUV were removed by tow truck as Out of Service, contrary to the Environment Protection Act and the Highway Traffic Act
  • 4 repair verifications (Out of Service) contrary to the Environmental Protection Act
  • 14 charges contrary to the Environmental Protection Act and the Highway Traffic Act
  • 5 cautions contrary the Highway Traffic Act

Examples of some of the Provincial Charges laid were:

  • Operate Motor Vehicle That Contravenes Emission Standards
  • Operate Motor Vehicle with Catalytic Converter Incapacitated
  • Cause Operation of Motor Vehicle that Contravenes Emission Standards related to Commercial Motor Vehicle
  • Cause Operation of Heavy Vehicle from Which Visible Emission related to Commercial Motor Vehicle
  • Defective Braking System
  • Colour Coating Obscuring Interior
  • Drive Motor Vehicle – No Currently Validated Permit and Improper Muffler

Examples of some of the Provincial Cautions were:

  • Improper Mudguards
  • Improper Tires
  • Fail to Display Two Plates
  • Obscure Licence Plate

Thank you to everyone who participated in the JFET, and those that cooperated with this initiative. A safe and secure community is priority for the Cobourg Police Service and those involved in the enforcement team. Collaborating with these enforcement teams allows the Cobourg police to remain committed to the safety of drivers, passengers and the members of public utilizing the roadways and sidewalks within the Town of Cobourg.