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Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.) July 2019

The Cobourg Police Service is committed to the safety of drivers, passengers and the members of public utilizing the roadways and sidewalks within the Town of Cobourg. The Cobourg Police Services Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.) for the month of July 2019, is unsafe loads, commercial motor vehicles, unsafe motor vehicles, modified motor vehicles and loud mufflers (unnecessary noise violations).

Vehicles with modified or damaged exhausts exhaust systems may not comply with Environmental Protection Act, the Highway Traffic Act or local By-Laws related to noise emitting from their motor vehicle or car stereo and the Highway Traffic Act will be enforced if the Cobourg Police Service receive a complaint or stops a vehicle during this initiative.

Along with the regular traffic stops, Cobourg Police Service will also host safety initiatives during the month with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environment and Ontario Provincial Police resulting in inspection lanes for commercial motor vehicles, motor vehicles and vehicle inspections.

Traffic stops, including inspections lanes, can result in drivers being charged for moving and administrative violations, as well as, deficiencies in equipment that are required for safe operation. Commercial motor vehicles, motor vehicles and vehicles not found in compliance may result in an Out of Service and/or impounded.                            

Charges are contrary to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and other Provincial Acts and may result in Criminal Code offences depending on investigations. Provincial fines start at $65.00 and go up to $2000.00 with some charges having demerit points, depending on the charges laid.

The Cobourg Police Service welcomes engagement from the community to make this a successful program and encourages our community members and visitors to contact the Cobourg Police Service when they see vehicles in contravention of this program.