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Seatbelt Enforcement

Media Release

The Cobourg Police Service is committed to help drivers and passengers keep safe while travelling in motor vehicles, through enforcement and education.  The Selective Traffic Enforcement Project (S.T.E.P.) for the month of April, 2018, will focus on Seatbelt offences.

Police Officers and Special Constables from the Cobourg Police Service will be conducting the enforcement, looking for drivers and passengers who are travelling in motor vehicles not wearing or improperly wearing seat belts. 

Related charges for Seatbelt offences, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), are:

                        Drive with Seat Belt (Removed / Inoperative / Modified)

                        Driver – Fail to Properly Wear Seat Belt;

                        Passenger – Fail to Occupy Position with Seat Belt;

                        Passenger – Fail to Properly Wear Seat Belt;

                        Drive While Passenger Under 16 Fails to:

                                    (Occupy Position with Seat Belt)

                                    (Properly Wear Seat Belt);

                        Drive While Child Passenger Not Properly Secured;

                        Fail to Ensure Infant Properly Secured;

                        Fail to Ensure Toddler Properly Secured; and

                        Fail to Ensure Child Properly Secured.

The above fines start at $240.00 and go up to $2000.00, with two demerit points. 

All new vehicles sold in Canada today are equipped with three-point seat belts in all positions.  Seat belt use has increased over the past 25 years so that now 95% of Canadian vehicle occupants in all seating positions wear belts.  Seat belts worn correctly can reduce the chances of death in a collision by 47% and the chances of serious injury by 52%. 

Questions may be directed to the Cobourg Police Service, Community Engagement and Response Team Sergeant, Sgt. Mike Richardson by contacting 905-372-6821 ext 2281 or by email: michael.richardson@cobourgpolice.com