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Phone Fraud AlertWarning - this news article expired on 2016-06-24. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable CPS Emblem

The Cobourg Police Service is warning of a tax fraud that involves a phone call where someone is posing as police and/or lawyers.  This Service has received complaints from residents who have received phone calls from suspects purporting to be police officers or lawyers.

As part of this fraud, they are demanding immediate tax payments to free a family member who is in custody.  Victims are also told that the issue is strictly confidential and they are not to speak to anyone about it. This fraud can even go so far as to have the alleged family member on the phone but the voice is always muffled and unclear.

  • The suspects are using “spoofing” technology that makes the call display appear as if the police are actually calling.
  • At no time will police ask for any money to be sent to them.
  • Always verify calls that ask for money.  Call the agency back, from a publically listed phone number, NOT one the caller provides to you.

If they tell you they are calling from a police service, for instance, find out which police agency it is and then look up their phone number.  Call your local police service at any time if you receive a call that causes you concern.