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Operation Impact

Operation Impact is a special initiative to focus on safe driving practices, and is timed in conjunction with Canada's Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when the traveling public will be out in great numbers. It is a coordinated effort between police agencies across the country to work toward the goal of Road Safety Strategy 2025 - making Canada's roads the safest in the world.

Cobourg Police have conducted enforcement efforts throughout the weekend with the following results;

67 Provincial offence notices being issued including

  • 53 Speeding, Highway Traffic Act sec.128
  • 5  Drive Motor Vehicle no  validation on plate ,Highway Traffic Act sec.7(1)(c)(i)
  • 4 Fail to Properly wear Seatbelt Assembly ,Highway Traffic Act sec.106(2)
  • 1 Drive while Child passenger not Properly Secured , Highway traffic Act sec.106(4)(b)
  • 1 Drive Motor Vehicle in contravention of condition, Highway Traffic Act sec.32(9)
  • 1 Disobey Sign ,Highway Traffic Act  sec. 182(2)
  • 1 Fail to Surrender Insurance Card ,Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act sec. 3(1)
  • 1 Drive Under Suspension, Highway Traffic Act sec. 53

Additionally, R.I.D.E. programs were conducted with approx.. 1250 vehicles being stopped . Nine roadside screening tests were administered with 8 passes recorded as well as one 3 day license suspension being issued .

One female vehicle passenger was observed by Cobourg Police and was arrested on the the strength of 3 outstanding warrants held by Cobourg Police .  The female was held for a bail hearing.

Cobourg Police remind drivers that Cobourg Police will be continuing enforcement efforts for enhanced road safety throughout the month of October.