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Operation Impact

Operation Impact is a special initiative to focus on safe driving practices, and is timed in conjunction with Canada's Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when the traveling public will be out in great numbers. It is a coordinated effort between police agencies across the country to work toward the goal of Road Safety Strategy 2025 - making Canada's roads the safest in the world.

It is a time to remind drivers and passengers across Canada to consciously consider safety whenever they get behind the wheel. Buckle seat belts and ensure youngsters are properly restrained in vehicles according to their age and size. Refrain from drinking and driving. Pay attention to the road at all times and refrain from aggressive driving and distracted driving behaviour.

Operation Impact was originally a one day campaign aimed at increasing seat belt use across the country. It has evolved to target other high risk activities like impaired driving, Sedistracted driving and intersection safety. Operation Impact is now a 4 day event starting on the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend and ending on the Monday evening.

What issues are most important in Operation Impact?

  • Don't drink and drive. Ever.

  • Use seatbelts and child restraints every time you travel in a car, no matter how short the trip.

  • Pay attention at all times, refrain from the use of mobile hand held devices and/or aggressive or high risk driving behaviours which may lead to a collision.

  • These issues are important every day of the year; not just during this special initiative.

    Members of the Cobourg Police Service will be joining other police services across Canada and participating in Operation Impact over the course of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, from October 5th-8th 2018, as well as throughout the month of October.

    Any questions may be directed to the Cobourg Police Service by calling 905-372-6821.