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New recruit gets sworn in

Constable Abigail Amos, who was hired in 2017 as a special constable, recently completed the grueling 13-week program at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, and surrounded by family, friends and colleagues, she was sworn in this morning at the Ontario Court of Justice in Cobourg.

The vice-chair of the Cobourg Police Services Board, Ron Kerr welcomed her to the service along with Adam Bureau who told Cst. Amos that the Cobourg service just got even better now that she is sworn in.

After being hired as a special constable with the Cobourg police, Constable Amos knew her goal was to become an officer for the Cobourg Police Service.

“Just being able to give to a community that has given so much to me is why this is so exciting,” says Constable Amos on becoming a sworn officer for the Cobourg Police Service.

“This badge is more than just a badge; it’s a representation of who the Cobourg Police Service is, and the respect that we uphold within the community,” Cobourg Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf said as he proudly presented Constable Amos with her police badge at the swearing in ceremony.

“Having an additional sworn in officer for Cobourg Police Services is great news for us and the community. We pride ourselves on hiring the right people for the right job and it was clear that Constable Amos was perfect for the job and we’re proud to have her as a member of our complement,” says Chief VandeGraaf.

Please join us in welcoming Constable Amos as a new member of the sworn in officers of Cobourg police.