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May 2018 Unsafe Lane Charnges, Turns not in Safety, Follow too Closely

Media Release

The Cobourg Police Service's May 2018 S.T.E.P. focuses on Unsafe Lane Changes, Turns Not in Safety and Follow Too Closely infractions.  Police Officers and Special Constables from the Cobourg Police Service will be conducting enforcement in the Town of Cobourg.

Motorists are reminded to conduct safe lane changes and turns by signalling their intentions, and only change lanes when safe to do so, after conducting a thorough shoulder check.

Lane changes are not to be done in, or thru, an intersection.  U Turns should only be conducted when safe to do so, where no sign prohibits the movement and should not be done near a rail crossing, on a curve, by a bridge or crest of a grade.

Police will also be watching for motorists who crowd other vehicles by following too closely, or drive aggressively near or around another motor vehicle. 

The Cobourg Police Service encourages all drivers travelling in the same direction to leave a reactionary gap, a minimum of two to three motor vehicle lengths apart from each other.  This distance can assist in providing time to respond to a slow down in traffic, or sudden stop by a motorist ahead.

Here are some of the offences, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act:

Change Lane Not in Safety, Left Turn - Fail to Afford Reasonable Opportunity to Avoid a Collision, Improper Right Turn, Improper Left Turn, Turn Not in Safety, Fail to Signal, U-Turn Railway Crossing, U-Turn Near Crest of Grade - No Clear View, Follow to Closely and Careless Driving.

Fines start at $110.00, and can go as high as $2000.00, with demerit points from 2 to 6, depending on the charge laid.  Fines are doubled in Community Safety Zones, near schools and public areas.

Questions may be directed to the Cobourg Police Service, Community Engagement and Response Team Sergeant, Sgt. Mike Richardson by contacting 905-372-6821 ext 2281 or by email: