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Lock It or Lose It Campaign

This week Cobourg Police will join several police services across Ontario in launching the ‘Lock it or Lose it’ Campaign. This Campaign is a proactive crime prevention program which will encourage vehicle drivers and owners to protect their vehicle and the contents from theft.

Police will work with community partners to launch the campaign on Thursday, December 7, 2017 and will continue throughout the holiday season. Vehicles will be checked in public areas to confirm that they are locked and that there are no valuables in plain sight. Notices will be placed on the windshield of vehicles indicating if the vehicle was secure and if there were valuables in plain view. This notice will also include a list of simple and effective prevention tips to help residents protect themselves from vehicle entry and theft.

Cobourg Police are urging motorists to do their part by following these safety tips to help prevent crime in the community:

  • Always lock the doors, roll up your windows, and keep the key protected
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended
  • Lock your garage door as well as your vehicle
  • Keep personal information documents such as proof of insurance and ownership on you at all times; not in the glove compartment
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Never leave valuable objects in plain view 

Auto theft and theft from vehicles are preventable crimes and by working together we can make a difference.