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Female Arrested for Refuse to Provide Breath Sample and Assault Police

Shortly after midnight on the 8th of April 2019, officers from the Cobourg Police Service responded to a 911 call stating a female had left a licensed establishment and was alleged to be driving while impaired Westbound on Elgin St. Police stopped the vehicle near Elgin and Burnham St. and read the accused an Approved  Screening Device demand. The accused refused to provide a breath sample and was charged with Refuse to Comply with Demand. A short time later while being released from custody the accused pushed then struck a police officer in the face. The accused was then re-arrested and charged with Assault Peace Officer.   

Erin Delavigne-Mills, 26 year old, from Cobourg is charged with Assault Peace Officer and Refuse to comply with Breath demand Contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. The accused will be released from custody with a Promise to Appear with a future court date.