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Cobourg Police Service Donation Recommendations

Media Release

The Cobourg Police Service strives to be an adaptive and trusted community partner in protecting the safety, security and quality of life in the Town of Cobourg.

We are fortunate to be able to provide a safe and comfortable area, as part of our front lobby, to give temporary refuge and assistance to vulnerable members of our community.  Whether it be a place to get warm or cool down, sleep, bathe or even just charge a cell phone, the Cobourg Police have become a trusted partner for those in need.

The Cobourg Police Service has been fortunate to partner with generous community members and agencies, who make donations and provide services, that allow clients to have access to housing options, clothing, hygiene products, and food. 

Unfortunately, the police are not in a position to safely accept home-made food goods for distribution to people that attend the Cobourg Police Station. 

Many concerns arise with this type of donation, which may include but not be limited to ensuring proper preparation techniques or refrigeration.  There is also consideration that needs to be given to potential food allergies of person(s) receiving the goods.

While we will not turn away donations of factory packaged products, if you would like to make a donation of food, clothing, hygiene products or even money, please reach out to any of the local organizations that provide care to vulnerable persons, such as Fare Share Food Bank, or Salvation Army. 

Thank you for the continued support and generosity