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Break Ins Continue DAY-TIME RESIDENTIAL BREAK-INS POLICE NEED THE PUBLICS ASSISTANCEAnother day-time break, enter and theft occurred on Wednesday, May 15 at a home on Walton Street.Entry was made through a small kitchen window and once inside the culprit stole a Godin "Freeway Classic" guitar. It is brown in colour with a flame maple top. The guitar is worth $500.00.Since March 1st. police have investigated 15 residential break-ins in Cobourg. The majority have occurred during daylight hours.Most of the break and enters are occurring in the central part of Cobourg, specifically in the area bordered by D'Arcy Street, Spencer Street, Division Street and King Street East. There have however been three in the west end and two in the east end of Cobourg.Items stolen include firearms, jewellery, cash, laptop computers, alcohol and other assorted electronics including televisions and IPads.Police believe that the suspect often knocks on a residential door to see if anyone is home. If confronted by an occupant, the suspect will ask if so-and-so lives there. Police are interested in talking to any home occupants who have had this happen at their house.Police also request that the public report anyone who appears suspicious or is on theirs or an adjacent property. Please call 911.