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April STEP Results

For the month of April the Cobourg Police Service participated in the STEP program, with the focus being on seat belt offences. There were 12 provincial offence notices issued in relation to this STEP initiative.  

Charges for seat belt offences, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), were:

  • Driver with Seat Belt (Removed / Inoperative / Modified)
  • Driver – Fail to Properly Wear Seat Belt
  • Passenger – Fail to Occupy Position with Seat Belt
  • Passenger – Fail to Properly Wear Seat Belt
  • Drive While Passenger Under 16 Fails to:
    • (Occupy Position with Seat Belt)
    • (Properly Wear Seat Belt)
  • Drive While Child Passenger Not Properly Secured
  • Fail to Ensure Infant Properly Secured
  • Fail to Ensure Toddler Properly Secured
  • Fail to Ensure Child Properly Secured

The Cobourg Police would like to remind people that wearing your seat belt, and wearing it properly, is the law and can minimize injury and possibly prevent death in the event of a collision.

With over 75% of child car seats not installed correctly, our Cobourg Police Auxiliary team is offering car seat clinics for anyone who would like to learn how to properly install child car seats. Watch for advertisements on Facebook and Twitter (@cobourgpolice) to find out when the next clinic is.

The STEP initiative for May is Canada-wide road safety week (Tuesday, May 14 – Saturday, May 18) and motor vehicle safety month. The Cobourg Police will be focusing on the following:

  • Alcohol-impaired driving
  • Drug-impaired driving
  • Fatigue-impaired driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Not wearing a seat belt