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14 Charges made in Traffic Stops

During the month of July 2019, the Cobourg Police Service conducted traffic enforcement for the Selected Traffic Enforcement Project (S.T.E.P.). This project targeted unsafe motor vehicles and commercial motor vehicles, modified motor vehicles and loud mufflers for unnecessary noise. The enforcement yielded the following charges contrary to the Highway Traffic Act:

  • 4 – Operate Unsafe Vehicle (motor vehicles towed)
  • 2 – Improper Mirror
  • 2 – Improper Muffler
  • 2 – Fail to Notify Change of Address
  • 1 – Unnecessary Noise
  • 1 – Stunt Driving (motor cycle towed / 7 Day Impound)
  • 1 – Defective Braking System
  • 1 – Turn Not in Safety – Commercial Motor Vehicle

Seven cautions were administered contrary to the Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act:

  • Fail to Surrender Drivers Licence
  • Fail to Produce Registration
  • Fail to Produce Insurance
  • Windshield Obstructed

In addition to the above enforcement results, a Joint Forces Traffic Safety Initiative, which included the Joint Forces Enforcement Team (JFET) was held on July 29, 2019. The JFET included the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Environment, the Ontario Provincial Police (Northumberland Traffic Unit) and Cobourg Police Service. For more information on this initiative, please find the media release dated July 30, 2019.