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Exciting Partnership With Medic Alert
Exciting Partnership With Medic Alert
Saturday, November 9
Breach of Undertaking and 3 Day License Suspension
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Thursday, November 21
Domestic Assault & Assault Police
On Sunday November 17th, 2019 Police were dispatched to a 911 hang-up call at an address in the downtown core of Cobourg. Police attended and ...Full Story
Monday, November 18


*There are no current positions available at the moment. Check back often to find opportunities. 


The Constable Selection Unit was mandated to design and implement a new standardized system for Ontario police services to use in selecting candidates for the position of constable.The Constable Selection System (CSS) began in February 1998 when the ministry granted licence to the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) to sub-licence individual police services and private sector firms to use the system to assess police constable applicants.
To date, there are 41 police services, including 10 of Ontario's largest police services using the CSS. Approximately 80 per cent of police applicants in the province are assessed using this criteria.
To address the long-standing recruitment challenges faced by police services, the ministry worked with a diverse group of stakeholders to researching, designing and testing selection system:
  • comprehensive research was conducted into what police officers actually do on the job, as well as what police personnel and the public consider the core duties of a police officer to be;
  • competencies were identified to capture the skills, abilities, knowledge and traits that applicants should demonstrate under assessment to ensure they are acceptable policing candidates;
  • a system of instruments and practices was designed to select constables;the new system was piloted by the Thunder Bay Police Service and 11 police services in Essex County in 1995, and by several other police services that requested use of the system or its components in 1996;
  • based on evaluations by these police services and feedback from police assessors, candidates and expert opinion, the system was refined; and
  • throughout the development and pilot testing of the new system, the ministry incorporated contributions from representatives from various ministries, agencies, police services and policing organizations, community groups/organizations and from experts in psychology and cultural bias.
  • The CSS is designed to streamline the police selection process for both applicants and police services to prevent such problems as:
  • multiple applications by candidates to police services across the province requiring costly and time-consuming multiple assessment of the same candidates;inconsistent assessment of candidates by police services with differing selection criteria; and
  • potential application of arbitrary selection practices not grounded on actual job requirements.


  • At least 18 years old
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident
  • Physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the position
  • High school graduate (minimum four years of secondary school education)
  • Good moral character and habits
  • Possess valid driver's license
  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • Ability to pass security clearance, background investigations, credit and reference checks.
The Police Services Act (R.S.O. 1990 c. P-15) outlines certain minimum requirements that candidates must meet to be considered for a career in policing. These include the background attributes and requirements listed.
The Process
The Cobourg Police Service subscribes to the OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police) Constable Selection System. There are four stages in this system that must be completed by all candidates wishing to become police officers.
a) Pre-Interview Assessment
The assessment consists of standardized tests carried out by the Applicant Testing Services, Inc. (ATS). The Cobourg Police Service does not perform Pre-Interview Assessments, but accepts assessments completed by the OACP approved private firm.
The assessment includes a:
  1. Written aptitude test,
  2. Written communication test,
  3. Medical/physical skills test (vision, hearing, aerobic run, etc.)
For complete details on Pre-Interview Testing, contact the Applicant Testing Services Inc. at
b) Apply to the Cobourg Police Service
A candidate, successful in the Pre-Interview Assessment, can apply to the Cobourg Police Service for consideration as a Police Constable / Cadet.
*** Be Sure To Include the Paperwork Listed Below ***
  1. A current resume, and
  2. A valid OACP Certificate.
  3. Application for Position of Constable / Cadet (Click Here)
  4. Ontario Constable Selection System Consent and Release of Liability Form (Click Here)


Mail Applications to:
Attention: Human Resources
Cobourg Police Service
107 King St W
Cobourg, ON
K9A 2M4
c) Interview with the Cobourg Police Service
Upon review of a candidate's application package, a panel interview may be scheduled at the Cobourg Police Service. The candidate will be interviewed by police members trained in OACP recruitment and interviewing techniques.

The candidate will be required to demonstrate that he/she possesses the competencies required to be a police constable.
While waiting to be interviewed, a Pre-Background Questionnaire will be given to the candidate for completion. If the candidate is successful through the interview stage, a background check will be required.
d) Background Investigation
A thorough background investigation, including a credit and reference check, will be conducted. Also, a personality test will be administered and the candidate may be invited to an interview with a psychologist.
Then What?
If the candidate is offered a position within the Cobourg Police Service, he/she will be expected to complete a medical evaluation, which includes a medical history questionnaire and a comprehensive physical examination.

Once an offer of employment with the Cobourg Police Service is confirmed, the candidate will be placed on probation for six months.
All new recruits are hired as 'Cadets' and will attend an 11-week training program at the Ontario Police College (OPC) in Alymer, Ontario must be attended. After successful completion of the OPC program, members become 4th Class Constables of the Cobourg Police Service. and a further 10 weeks is spent on the road with a Coach Officer.
For more information, please contact:
Applicant Testing Services Inc.
540 Clarke Rd. # 14.
London, Ontario
N5V 2C7
Cobourg Police Service
107 King St. W.
Cobourg, Ontario
K9A 2M4
(905) 372-6821
Ontario Police College