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 Frauds & Scams: Too Good To Be True---Usually Is!

When you get a letter in the mail or email, and it seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

We all like the possibility of getting something for nothing, or very little.

People don't win money/lotteries/property without entering a contest. People don't inherit money, usually, from someone they don't know or have never met.  For certain, if you did win something you wouldn't be asked to send a large amount of money to facilitate the transfer to your bank account.

If you didn't contact the person who contacted you...didn't call, didn't write, didn't email...then the chances are that there may be a plot afoot to take a chunk of your money unlawfully. Ask a friend or family member what they think.

Buyer Beware! Use Due Diligence! Expect The Worst! These can help you protect yourself.

6 March 2015:

February 2015: Statistical Report & Information on Vacation Scams and Timeshare Re-Sale Scams

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